The Ultimate Guide to Custom Jewelry Design in Minnesota

Jewelry has been a timeless expression of personal style and milestones throughout history —  and custom jewelry takes this concept to a whole new level. 

Located in West Saint Paul, MN, Van Drake Jewelers offers a fun and relaxed experience in customized jewelry design.  

With over 65 years of building client relationships, we combine luxury with the warmth of a family-owned business to provide you with personalized jewelry pieces in various styles. 

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started with custom-made jewelry design, including: 

  • what custom jewelry design is and why it’s important.
  • the various types of custom jewelry designs and how they work.
  • types, tips, and best practices for a successful customized jewelry design journey.

Read on and discover the secrets to crafting exceptional jewelry pieces.

Discover stunning ideas for custom jewelry perfection

What is Custom Jewelry Design?

Life’s a wild ride, right? Your life is a journey filled with experiences, beliefs, and moments that shape you into who you are. Likewise, custom-made jewelry involves the transformation of existing pieces or the creation of entirely new, exclusive designs. 

It breathes new life into existing jewelry. So if you have heirlooms or dated engagement rings, we can help make it into something new with custom design. 

It’s a fun and different experience compared to when you just bought pre-made jewelry which makes the entire process educational, exciting, and seamless. 

We focus on professionally collaborating with you to turn your vision into a unique piece within your budget. 

We have been working with several clients for the last decades and we know customized jewelry can become a tangible reflection of memories in life — from engagements to birthstones and beyond.

Customized Jewelry Services 

Resetting and Redesigning 

Custom jewelry services often offer the option to reset or redesign existing pieces. This means you can bring in old or inherited jewelry and transform it into a new and personalized design. We can change the setting, add gemstones, or completely reimagine the piece to suit your style.


Now for a more personalized touch, engraving custom-made jewelry is also the best idea. Share with us any special date, initials, or meaningful phrase, and we will engrave them on your custom pieces! 

Exclusive Designs

The main goal in having custom jewelry is to have designs that are exclusively yours and cannot be found on a store’s display. You can collaborate with our jeweler to create a unique and personal piece for yourself or something that commemorates a special event by adding meaningful symbols. 

Resource Availability

The type of customized jewelry you can get may also depend on the availability of resources such as gemstones, metals, and other materials. Some jewelers may specialize in certain types of gemstones or precious metals, which will influence the options available to you. 

Also, don’t forget that factors like budget and time constraints may impact the choice of materials and the complexity of your preferred design.

Precision in every detail: Unveiling Custom Jewelry Craft

Van Drake Jewelers Samples  

At Van Drake Jewelers, we are dedicated to bringing your distinct vision to life through beautifully crafted and tailored pieces. We present a stunning collection of custom-made jewelry samples featuring custom necklaces, rings (bridal, engagement, and bands), bracelets, and earrings. 

Custom Rings 

We’ll help make your ring especially yours by engraving names, dates, or intricate designs on the inner or outer band. Choose the color, texture, width, stone setting, and size to match your taste. 

Custom Necklaces

Create your perfect necklace with adjustable lengths for a comfy fit. There are unique designs of custom necklaces with engravings like names, dates, or heartfelt messages. 

Custom Earrings 

Enjoy personalized comfort with stud earrings featuring various backings or customizing hoop earrings with added pendants. Express yourself effortlessly through these simple, creative, thoughtful modifications.

Custom Bracelets

Add beautiful beads, rearrange links, or attach charms with engraved symbols, names, or dates. The options for self-expression are limitless! 

How Custom Jewelry Design Works 

Step 1: Initial Discussion

Start by sharing detailed information about the piece you desire. Feel free to bring in pictures or sketches that inspire you. 

Step 2: Design Development

Collaborate closely with our experts to develop a unique design concept. We can make all the needed adjustments to ensure we capture your envisioned ideas perfectly.

Step: Model Creation

Once the design gets the green light from you, we move on to crafting a physical wax model or a computerized representation. This step provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of the piece. 

Step 4: Handcrafting

Our skilled jewelers at Van Drake Jewelers will take the lead in handcrafting your unique piece with meticulous care to ensure every detail is attended to. 

Step 5: Inspection and Delivery

Before reaching your hands, the completed piece undergoes a thorough inspection. We ensure spotless quality, and only when it meets our high standards is it ready for collection.

Note: Creating custom-made jewelry often requires one to four weeks for completion, depending on the complexity of the modifications. We recommend providing detailed information about your preferences and specifications for a smooth process. 

Who makes Custom-Made jewelry in West Saint Paul, MN?

If you’re in the area and looking for exquisite custom jewelry, Van Drake Jewelers is your expert local jeweler. We specialize in offering customization services for family heirlooms, engagement rings, earrings, and valuable pieces. 

Start customized jewelry design with the guidance and expertise of professionals who understand the importance of turning your vision into a tangible and everlasting masterpiece. 

Start Custom Jewelry with Van Drake Jewelers 

Let your imagination and self-expression run wild with custom jewelry designs. 

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