Here’s How to Pick the Best Fine Jewelry That Lasts

Have you ever admired a stunning piece of jewelry, only to hesitate at the price tag? Or perhaps you’ve received a beautiful gift, only to see it tarnish or lose its sparkle too soon. 

More often than not, we acquire fine jewelry for personal indulgence and to mark significant milestones such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.  

Before considering a purchase, we must carefully evaluate whether it guarantees a warranty.

You want to ensure you’re investing in something that will last and that all the effort put into searching for the highest quality and skilled craftsmanship is worth it. 

As one of Minnesota's top-rated fine jewelry stores, Van Drakes Jewelers crafts fine jewelry that lasts. 

But sometimes, some factors can affect how long your jewelry looks. In this guide, we’ll review those factors and share tips on picking the best fine jewelry that lasts for ages.

 Silver fine jewelry set: Ring, bracelet, and earrings ensemble

What is Fine Jewelry? 

Let’s first identify what fine jewelry is and how it differs from common jewelry. 

Fine jewelry is made from precious metals and stones. For metals, popular choices are gold, silver, or platinum. For genuine gemstones, these are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. 

These pure and durable materials make fine jewelry last compared to low-value metals. They make perfect everyday accessories. With proper care, they don’t get tarnished, rusted, or damaged in the water. 

How to Select Fine Jewelry 

Considering their composition, durability, and craftsmanship, there’s no doubt that fine jewelry is one good investment. Their markup is extremely high. Make sure you select a piece that is worth every penny. Only pick the best fine jewelry from your local jewelry store. To do that, consider the following: 

1. Material Quality 

Fine jewelry is crafted with the expectation that it will last a lifetime. Everything is made of high-quality materials and not counterfeit or poorly replicated designs. 

It’s your right as a customer to ask jewelers about the materials used in their fine jewelry collections. Only deal with fine jewelry stores that are transparent and ready to answer your questions. 

Van Drake Jewelers has been a trusted West St. Paul jeweler since 1957. We are obsessed with quality. We provide excellent service and products that exceed the expectations of our customers. We ensure transparency when you buy fine jewelry from us. They are authentic and crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure they last a lifetime. 

2. Craftsmanship

Even if the jewelry is made of the highest-quality materials, it must be crafted by skilled jewelers to ensure good craftsmanship. Even experienced artisans struggle to design detailed jewelry. Crafting a stunning piece requires expertise, experience, and creativity — qualities we proudly embody. 

Poor craftsmanship is about more than just being sloppy. When you buy fine jewelry and notice its lack of intricate details, weak structures, or wrong sizing and fit, that’s poor craftsmanship. 

You shouldn’t come home with such a piece. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, or bracelet, a skilled artisan can turn the highest-quality materials into stunning pieces. You’ll know you’ve got the best deal before leaving the store. 

3. Maintenance

After buying from reputable fine jewelry stores that only sell genuine pieces, it’s your job as the owner to take better care of your accessories. It’s your investment, so you should protect it. 

When storing fine jewelry, place it safely at the right temperature to avoid tarnishing. 

Other reasons why jewelry may not last longer are: 

  • Scratches and broken parts after accidents, excessive wear, or improper storage
  • Exposure to certain chemicals like perfumes, hairsprays, or lotion
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, such as salt air, can tarnish certain metals 

Ask your trusted jeweler for cleaning or repair services when these happen. Van Drake Jewelers offers jewelry repairs to maintain and restore your fine jewelry pieces. We fix broken chains, loose settings, resizing, stone replacement, and more. 

How Tarnishing Affects Fine Jewelry  

Tarnishing is a natural process affecting all accessories, including fine jewelry made of high-quality materials. These are exposures to water, chemicals, air, or even sweat. 

When buying fine jewelry, always check the materials used. Brass and copper, for example, are particularly susceptible to oxidation. They may require high maintenance to maintain their beauty. Ensure your jeweler only uses high-quality materials suitable for fine jewelry. 

This is why metals like solid gold, stainless steel, and titanium are among the most popular materials for crafting fine jewelry—they're resistant to tarnishing. 

However, not all gold-plated items are tarnish-proof. It still depends on the base material used. Ask your jeweler for specifics about that too.

Two women browsing jewelry at a Fine Jewelry Store

Other Things to Consider When Buying Fine Jewelry 

  1. Go for something classic that won’t go out of style. That way, you’ll love it as much in ten years as you do now.
  2. If your jewelry comes with valuable gemstones, ensure their settings are secured. You don’t want to lose anything!
  3. Ensure your jewelry fits comfortably and securely to avoid discomfort and reduce the risk of damage from improper wear.
  4. Avoid materials that are prone to tarnishing unless properly maintained.
  5. Ask about warranties or guarantees offered by the jeweler. It’s always good to know your jewelry is covered if anything happens. 

Fine Minnesota Jewelry 

Fine jewelry remains a valuable investment over time. You can pass it down as an inheritance, staying with your family as an heirloom. 

Only purchase from trusted St. Paul jewelers like Vans Drake Jewelers, which offer high-quality pieces to ensure your fine jewelry maintains its value and longevity. 

Stay in contact for maintenance services such as cleaning, repairs, and upkeep so they remain in optimal condition and continue to be treasured by future generations. 

Browse our collection of fine jewelry, or contact us today.